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Interior Glass

Lacobel T

The Lacobel T glass, can be used in architectural interior  desgin challenges. Lacobel T is a painted glass that can be cut by glass processors and meets with international safety standards. 



Can be tempered


Lacobel T paint application gives a scratch resistant characterisc 


Easy to install 


This glass is offered in deep colors: Deep Black, Zen Grey, Crisp, White, Cool White.



Can be used in indoors


Outdoor usage


The Lacobel is a float glass, color coated glass in extremely high quality. This color layer located on the back side of the glass and is also a layer of protection and support. 



The Lacobel glass is very easy to stick, and is designed for internal applications.


Common use in the commercial sector as shops, offices and restaurants as well as private residential sector.​





Bathrooms Living rooms


Decorations and to cover walls



Interior design

Home furnishings

Cabinets common


The Matelac is a float glass where  one side is painted , and the other side  is sprayed with acid . Both processes are performed strictly professional and special supervision ensure homogeneous final product design.



The Matelac also offered our customers a version called SAFE. SAFE add , is already in the process of production,  with a protection film of Polifrophilini . This particular strip protects the glass from scratches.

An important advantage is that if the glass is broken, glass parts remain attached to the film and do not scatter , and of course avoid further damage .

Mirrox 3G

Mirrox 3G glass is a third generation mirror. Its included among the most advanced sights qualitatively, in terms of ecological benefits, staying power and quality performance it enables.



Production processes of the Mirrox 3G acceptable environmentally friendly standards, since it is produced in less lead, less solvents and less formaldehyde.



The Mirrox 3G resistant to corrosion under 10 compared with the standards. 

Resistant to scratches 3 times compared with standard stained glass.

This is the world's only appearance immunity from all cleaning materials.

Anti Becteria Glass

The antimicrobial action of the silver ions inside the glass eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria that form on its surface whilst also preventing the spread of fungi.This remarkable property makes it perfect for places where strict hygiene is a must (bathrooms, hospitals, ...)

Product Range


Planibel AB: clear glass


Lacobel AB: painted glass


Mirox AB: mirrors



Wall Covering

Palnible Clearvison

Planibel Clearvision is a low iron clear base glass that can be processed in multiple ways for variation of usages from decoration all the way to high tech industries. 



Planibel Clearvision is made with the float glass manufacturing methods and the sides of the glass are completely flat and parallel. The transparency gives a high light transitions and coating can be applied. 



Single glazing

Insulating glazing

Laminated glass

Toughened glass

Enameled glass 


Thanks to thermal properties and its mechanical properties, the Matelux is easy and convenient to process. The Matelux is a clear glass or colored silk neutral outstanding finish by spraying acid.



The Matelux is characterized by its easy maintenance: easy to clean with water only.



Indoors outdoors applications

Bedroom and living room

Shops and restaurants

Use it to decorate elegant façade decoration or interior design of the house.

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